Shrink Sleeve Labels

    Packaging and labels have become increasingly important for shelf appeal, brand recognition, and consumer loyalty.  This is likely why the shrink sleeve label market is expanding at such a rapid pace.  Shrink sleeve labels allow for 360° coverage of a package and provide a significant increase in the amout of space for branding, imagery, and information.  

The Problem with Shrink Sleeve

In shrink sleeve label application heat is used to shrink and seal the printed label around the bottle, can, or other type of package.  Due to the heat sensitive nature of films used in shrink labels, high heat must be avoided during shrink sleeve label manufacturing.  This means that the standard laminating adhesives that are used for typical film conversion aren't suitable for shrink label manufacturing due to the high temperatures required for nipping and/or activation.

Specialty Adhesives for Shrink Sleeve

The laminating adhesive portfolio from Dow contains heat seal coating and water based adhesives that are ideal for use in shrink sleeve label manufacturing and application.  Dow's adhesives for shrink labels listed below offer low activation temperatures, fast dry times, and exceptional clarity allowing converters to easily manufacture high quality, multi-web shrink sleeve labels.

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