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    The SI Group is a leader and innovator in polymer additives and stabilizers that support a wide range of industries and markets. Their portfolio of Polyol Stabilization Antioxidants provides beneficial technology solutions for the polyurethane (PU) industry. 

As the global leader in smart chemistry solutions that solves complex processing issues, the SI Group's antioxidant & stabilizer portfolio enhances the quality and lifetime of polymers. Naugard™ Polyol Stabilization Antioxidants are vital for Polyurethane (PU or PUR) polymers, as they protect the polyurethane system during the catalyst reaction. The catalyst reaction between polyols and isocyanates generates heat during the polymerization process. This increase in exothermic reactions can raise the internal foam temperature upwards to 160°C + which causes discoloration or damage to the foam product. Ultimately, foam and slabstock polyol producers require an antioxidant and additive package that can:


  • Improved PU processability
  • Lower VOC/FOG Emissions
  • Comply with regulatory parameters
  • Reduce waste, thermal scorch, and UV degradation for Polyurethane foam systems

Flexible and rigid polyurethane foam applications benefit from the SI Group's portfolio of Polyol Stabilization Antioxidants that are used to reduce thermal scorch and oxidative degradation. 

SI Group Polyurethane Additives

    NAUGARD™ PS 3015 is a liquid stabilizer blend of phenolic and aminic antioxidants that reduce FOG emissions by three times compared to the FOG industry standard for various slabstock polyol and polyurethane applications. 

    • BHT Free Liquid Stabilizer Blend
    • Regulatory compliant stabilizer with OEKO-TEX Standard 100
    • Low emissive and 3-time FOG reduction compared to industry standard
    • Long-term protection against degradation due to thermal temperature and oxygen

    NAUGARD™ PS 48 stabilizer is a liquid hindered phenolic antioxidant used across polyurethane (PU) and polyol applications. This grade has outstanding polymer protection against long-term aging during processing.  

    • Primary Antioxidant Blend (Phenolic + Aminic)
    • Low viscosity and low volatility
    • Readily soluble in polyols
    • Long-term Polyurethane (PU) protection against degradation due to heat, oxygen, thermal scorch, and surface discoloration

    NAUGARD™ PS 48 stabilizer is a liquid hindered phenolic antioxidant used across polyurethane (PU) and polyol applications. NAUGARD™ PS 48 can be used in combination with phosphite or aminic boosters for slabstock polyols.

    • Liquid Stabilizer, Primary Antioxidant (Standard Phenolic)
    • BHT free antioxidant
    • Good solubility in non-polar substrates
    • Powerful when used in synergistic combination with liquid aminic stabilizers such as NAUGARD™ PS 30

    NAUGARD™ 445 provides exceptional protection to polymer systems, including plastics, elastomers, and various CASE applications. It also offers good protection from peroxide degradation during the processing of polyurethane systems.

    • Low volatility
    • Low adsorption onto fillers
    • Minimal susceptibility to bloom
    • Protection from peroxide degradation

    NAUGARD™ PS 30 is effective when used alone, but pairing it with a phenolic and phosphite antioxidant creates a significant synergy that further inhibits physical and color scorch during the manufacturing of flexible urethane foams. 

    • Liquid Form
    • Cost-Effective
    • Inhibits physical and color scorch
    • Very low residual DPA content

    NAUGARD™ FOAMPLUS LE 5 is a highly efficient synergistic liquid antioxidant blend for stabilizing polyether and polyester polyols used in the production of polyurethanes, especially flexible slab stock foams.

    • Ultra-Low Emissions
    • Full compliance with automotive VDA 278
    • Excellent scorch protection
    • Low Viscosity 

    ANOX™ 1315 is a low viscosity liquid phenolic antioxidant for use in polyurethane and plastic formulations. 

    • Ultra-low emissions
    • Scorch protection
    • Low viscosity allows for extra easy handling
    • Storage stability at room temperature

    WESTON™ 705 is a nonylphenol-free phosphite antioxidant, designed as a drop-in replacement for TNPP with a 20% lower loading rate. 

    • Nonylphenol-free
    • Superior solubility in PE
    • Tenfold reduction in plate-out
    • Threefold improvement in color retention

If you have any questions about which grade works best for your application, contact us and talk to a technical specialist below.

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