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Sokalan® Acrylic Polymers


Sokalan® water soluble copolymers are used as defoamers, anti-redeposition aids, dispersant, scale inhibitors, and bulk density modification in applications including laundry detergent, printing ink, ceramics, seawater desalinization, agricultural chemicals, sugar production, and water treatment. A wide range of chemistries allows controlled particle size for stability, dust-free handling, compact formulation, accurate metering, quick dissolution, and compact storage.

Problems Solved

Loss of performance and detergency in laundry detergents by reducing phosphate content
Dusting and flowing issues in commercially available acrylic dispersants
Stiffness of fabrics and incrustation caused by low-performance detergents
Soil redeposition and dye transfer with the use of laundry detergents
Precipitation and scale formation of hard water salts including calcium and magnesium carbonates
Moving away from phosphate-based laundry detergents to low or phosphate-free formulations
Dispersing and stability issues of concentrated powders and compact detergents
Scale formation, dull spots, and streaks with the use of dishwashing detergents
Stability of dispersing agents in highly concentrated chlorinated products
Formation of hard water scale in boilers, cooling systems, and industrial processes

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