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CELOGEN® Chemical Foaming Agents


CelChem CELOGEN® Chemical Foaming Agents are used in expanded cellular rubber and plastic applications to produce a wide range of closed-cell structures. These nitrogen-based plastic and rubber additives are non-discoloring and odorless, emit a large gas volume, exhibit an ideal decomposition range, do not affect the cure, disperse readily, and can be mixed in a Banbury mixer. CELOGEN® foaming agents come in a variety of grades that offer multiple decomposition rates and temperatures. Common applications include continuously extruded automotive profiles, insulation tubing for refrigeration and low-pressure steam lines, press-molded closed-cell sheets for moisture seals, shock-absorbing sheets, and cellular soling. 

Foamed plastics and rubber products are inherently lighter than their non-foamed counterparts. This is beneficial for applications where weight may be a determining factor, such as automotive, packaging, marine, and consumer goods. The addition of chemical foaming agents can potentially require less raw material and less energy for processing due to the reduced material volume. CELOGEN® Chemical Foaming Agents have enhanced insulation properties in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. They may also help reduce melt viscosity and facilitate the ease of mold filling and flowability during extrusion or injection molding. Chemical foaming agents offer precise control over foam density, allowing manufacturers to tailor the properties of the final product. They may also reduce the overall shrinkage of the material during cooling, which can offer dimensional stability.  

Problems Solved

Staining or discoloration in expanded cellular rubber 
Interference of blowing agents with the curing process 
Limited decomposition range of foaming agents used in rubber applications 
Temperature restrictions of cellular rubber–forming agents 
Masterbatches experiencing density control challenges 

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