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Viton™ B Type Gum Polymer

Product Description

Viton™ B Type Gum Polymers are terpolymers consisting of VF2, HFP, TFE monomers and do not contain a curative. They need to be crosslinked or cured with a diamine or bisphenol curative to obtain the final vulcanizate. Viton™ B Type Gum Polymers contain 66-69.5% fluorine and offer improved processing, increased mold flow, good mold release, and improved extrusion performance. Viton™ B products are used in applications that need improved processing properties and rheology. They are typically used to mold complex shapes, extrusions, and coatings of fabrics, tanks, or chemical containers. The product range can be blended with other Viton types to modify viscosity and improve flow.

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