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MOLYKOTE® Greases provide a best-in-class portfolio of specialty lubricant solutions for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications. These greases are available in different combinations of base oil types, thickener systems, and solid additives for ideal lubrication for a range of applications, including metal-on-metal, elastomer, and plastic applications.
MOLYKOTE® Greases are industry-leading lubricants that provide high performance under a wide range of equipment types, they exhibit low- to high-temperature stability from −40°F to greater than 356°F. They provide reliable anti-wear protection from solid lubricant additives, great corrosion prevention and resistance to moisture and water wash-off, and resistance to harsh or difficult chemistries, such as solvents and acids. MOLYKOTE® Greases also offer a range of chemistry solutions, such as mineral oil, silicone, and fluorosilicone.

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