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Momentive Silicone Elastomers


Momentive's extensive range of silicone elastomers has made a substantial impact on the design of countless applications across multiple industries. Silicone elastomers have a wide range of superior characteristics that make them ideal for various applications in industries including industrial, electrical transmission, transportation, consumer, healthcare, and biopharmaceuticals. These properties include heat and moisture resistance, flame retardancy, weatherability, dielectric properties, and biocompatibility.

Momentive offers an extensive selection of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and heat-cured rubber (HCR) products. These high-performance blends provide a range of process benefits, such as extrusion, calendaring, molding, and dip coating. Momentive has the expertise and resources to deliver and create ready-to-use compounds at their custom silicone elastomer facilities worldwide.

Benefits of Momentive Silicone Elastomers
Flame retardancy
Dielectric properties
Moisture resistance
Low extractability
Outstanding aging stability
Self-bonding properties
Improved productivity
Delayed lubricant surface bloom
Repeat sterilization strength 
Chemical resistance

Problems Solved

Momentive silicone elastomers can solve the following problems such as:
Performance issues of competitive liquid silicone rubbers and incompatibility.
Lack of FDA approvals or clearances.
Increased cost due to incorporation of plasticizer or processing aids.
Competitive silicone elastomers materials that lack bonding or adhesion to metal or plastic substrates.
Competitive silicone rubber grades that can't meet required durability and resistance.
Competitive silicone elastomer materials that have a long lead time, supply issues, and high MOQ.

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