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SilForce™ Release Coatings


SilForce™ release coatings are silicone-based coating systems designed to be applied to paper and film substrates for silicone release liners used for tapes, labels, and transfer adhesives. These coatings provide a surface for the clean and easy release of pressure-sensitive adhesives and allow producers to customize the release characteristics and feel of tapes, labels, and transfer adhesives. SilForce™ release coatings are available as solvent-based, solventless, and UV-curable systems. They can be applied using standard coating techniques, such as gravure and flexographic. SilForce™ release coatings enable converters to create an extensive array of silicone release liners to match many different operational, performance, or cost goals needed for each tape, label, or transfer adhesive application. 


The UV-curable silicone release coatings in the SilForce™ portfolio are some of the industry's highest performing and most versatile. Each UV-curable SilForce™ silicone release coating system consists of several options for three parts: a silicone resin, a photoinitiator, and a release modifier. The choice of silicone resin determines the viscosity of the release coating, in addition to the modulus and release energy the coating provides. Several photoinitiators are available to choose from based on the required activity. A release modifier may be added to more finely tune release energy and feel as needed for different pressure-sensitive adhesives.  


Solvent-based and solventless SilForce™ silicone release coatings are also available with an assortment of silicone resins, catalysts, and release additives to customize and create the release liner of choice. 


Common substrates for SilForce™ release coatings include kraft, glassine, and machine-finished paper, in addition to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, and polystyrene film. For more information on silicone release coating system options, continue reading below. Also, feel free to utilize our  SilForce™ Release Coatings selector guide for grade recommendations to create your ideal silicone release liner. 

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