SI Group Main Antioxidants


SI Group Main Antioxidants are primary and secondary antioxidants which are well-known, workhorse chemistries that work in a variety of systems. They are available in powder, granular, and non-dusting forms and have FDA approval in select applications.

Problems Solved

Availability of primary antioxidants in powder and granular forms
Dusting and handling difficulties of powder and dusting antioxidants
Long lead time and supply issues with imported primary antioxidants
Degradation and decomposition of polymers due to oxidative degradation and aging
Extraction of antioxidants from the polymer compounds during the manufacturing process
High volatility of antioxidants in high-temperature processes
FDA clearances and regulatory approvals for use in food contact applications

12 Products
ANOX™ BB011 Powder container
Synergistic blend of powder form phenolic and phosphite antioxidants to protect polymers both during processing and long term aging.
NAUGARD™ DSTDP container
NAUGARD™ DSTDP is a thioester based secondary antioxidant that imparts excellent long-term aging in polyolefins and synthetic rubber.
ANOX™ 20 Powder container
ANOX™ 20 Powder is a high molecular weight hindered phenolic primary antioxidant. Effective as a process stabilizer, but is especially powerful at preventing polymer degradation during long-term aging.
ALKANOX™ 240 Granular container
ALKANOX™ 240 Granular is an organo-phosphite antioxidant and stabilizer, similar to ALKANOX™ 240 Powder but supplied in non-dusting granular form. It is food contact approved and typically used in propylene and many other thermoplastics.
ALKANOX™ 240 Powder container
ALKANOX™ 240 Powder is low volatility and thermally stable organo-phosphite antioxidant and stabilizer. It prevents oxidative degradation in a variety of polymers and thermoplastic materials.
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