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Chemours Glycolic Acid Technical Grade 57E container
Created to enhance cleaners, Glycolic Acid 57E has a higher concentration than 70E, offering lower corrosivity, great removal properties and excellent rinsability.
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DuPont Microbial Control Selector Guide thumbnail
Check out our online selector guide to help you find the right microbial solution.
Formulation: Clean Foam Hand Sanitizer thumbnail
This water-based hand sanitizer formulation delivers a rich, luxurious foam thanks to a nature-derived foam enhancer. The combination of two skin conditioning agents provides a lubricious skin feel without alcohol, dyes, or fragrances. The dense foam in this formula clings to hands to permit contact time for killing common germs.
Formulation: Mild Aloe Hand Cleanser thumbnail
This simple, mild hand cleanser generates creamy, luxurious lather. It’s formulated without sulfates and includes responsibly-sourced, organic aloe vera.
Formulation: Sanitize + Condition Lotion in Gel thumbnail
This alcohol-based sanitizing gel not only kills germs but feels like a lotion. The surprising texture and long-lasting nourishing sensory leaves hands feeling soft and conditioned.
Formulation: Silky Foam Hand Sanitizer thumbnail
This hydroalcoholic-based hand sanitizer foam clings to hands for contact time to kill common germs. The non-aerosol formulation uses a cellulose-derived foam enhancer for a silky feel, resulting in a non-tacky, quick-drying, and cushiony feel during application. Hands are left feeling soft and conditioned.
Chemours Glycolic Acid for Water Well Stimulation thumbnail
Glycolic acid is one of the top solutions for water well rehabilitation and flow stimulation. It provides superior cleaning efficacy for hard water scale (calcium, magnesium, manganese salts), various iron deposits, and polysaccharide deposits, and bio slime.
Chevron Phillips Soltrol® Solvants d’Isoparaffine thumbnail
Chevron Phillips est un leader mondial dans la fabrication de produits chimiques spécialisés dans une grande variété d'industries et d'applications.
Soltrol® Isoparaffinische Oplosmiddelen thumbnail
Soltrol® Isoparaffine Oplosmiddelen Chevron Phillips is een wereldwijde leider in de productie van speciale chemicaliën in een grote verscheidenheid aan industrieën en toepassingen.