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Trilene® Liquid EPDM for Industrial Oil Formulations

Extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, moisture, and demanding conditions coincide with industrial machinery and vehicles. They require long-term performance and durability to safeguard against degradation and inefficient outputs. Many industrial manufacturers employ synthetic base oils to deliver high viscosity rates, higher flash points, and fewer impurities than natural or mineral base oils. Synthetic base oil formulations require the presence of a viscosity modifier to meet high-performance expectations. 

Lion Trilene® liquid ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) elastomers are polymer additives that increase the viscosity and shear stability performance of synthetic industrial oils. Trilene® EPDM thickens industrial oil applications by expanding and shrinking during variable thermal conditions. Lion's elastomer portfolio of liquid EPDM provides specialized polymer additive properties for formulators of synthetic industrial oils. Liquid EPDM polymers combat viscosity limitations by improving the viscosity index (VI), offering good flow at very low temperatures while providing high-performance benefits in thermal-oxidative stability. 

Trilene® CP Synthetic Base Fluids

Trilene® CP grades are base fluids with hydrocarbon-based, synthetic olefin copolymers (OCPs) produced from ethylene and propylene elastomers (EPDM) during oligomerization. The Trilene® CP portfolio of base fluids offers exceptional performance in extreme temperatures while maintaining the lubricant's shear stability index as a viscosity modifier. What distinguishes Lion’s CP series of base fluids is their superb thermal stability, low-temperature pour point, pumpability, and enhanced VI. The grades listed below offer varying thickening degrees depending on the desired viscosity of the base oil. 
  Formulation: 75W-90 Gear Oil Formulation and Tests Results
  Base Oil Additives Viscosity Index Improver Supplier Chemistry Physical Form CP-80 CP-1100 CP-2000
Formulation     Trilene® CP-80 Lion OCP Liquid 5.2%    
    Trilene® CP-1100 Lion OCP Liquid   12.0%  
    Trilene® CP-2000 Lion OCP Liquid     10.7%
PAO 6           73% 67% 68%
Ester (DIDA) DI ISO DECYL ADIPATE       15% 15% 15%
  Additive Packages         6.5% 6.5% 6.5%
            100% 100% 100%
Performance Test Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C ASTM D445 14.4 14.1 14.3
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 40 °C ASTM D445 84.2 80 83.4
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270-04 183.19 178 178.16
Brookfield Viscosity (mPs.s) x 10@ - 40°C (<150,000) ASTM D2983 28,594 31,843 33,043
KRL Shear Stability 60°C, 20 hour - % Viscosity Loss KRL Tapered Roller Bearing Shear Test CEC L-45 27.53 5.98 10.18
Pour Point (°C) ASTM D97 -54 -51 -44
  Molecular Weight Mw GPC 36,735 11,630 13,969
Molecular Weight Mn GPC 19,582 7,285 8,683
Mw/Mn   1.876 1.596 1.609

Industrial Base Oil Applications

Industrial oils and lubricants are required to uphold a broad range of temperature performance capabilities. Machines and industrial equipment can operate at inconsistent temperatures, making it difficult for the engines to perform efficiently and avoid costly repairs. Trilene® CP industrial applications include gear, wind turbine, transmission, and engine oils. The Trilene® CP portfolio of liquid EPDM is the solution for industrial base oils that require a broad operating range and exceptional performance. Trilene® CP grades are viscosity modifiers that meet a range of ISO VG industrial and automotive viscosity standards when combined with synthetic or mineral oil–based fluids. Furthermore, in industrial incidental food grade contact applications, some grades of Trilene® CP meet the USDA/NSF H1 requirements. 


Why Trilene® Liquid EPDM for Industrial Base Oils

  • Improved viscosity index (VI)
  • Broader operating ranges than most viscosity modifiers
  • Better adhesion to metal and water ingress resistance compared to polyalphaolefins (PAO)
  • Superior shear stability performance in KRL (tapered roller bearing test)
  • Zero VOC and outstanding cold-temperature cranking
  • Low-temperature properties, including pour point and pumpability
  • Superior thermal and oxidative resistance
  • Produced domestically in the US with local feedstock
  • Compatible with ISO VG 230 specs, which are typical in gear oil applications for wind turbines
  • Low molecular weight, colorless, transparent, and nonvolatile properties
  • Improved flash points and heat transfer capabilities
  • Outstanding thickening efficiencies that allow for cost savings of 20%–50% resulting from reduced treatment rates

Featured Lion Copolymer EPDM Grade

Trilene® CP-80 is a randomly polymerized, low-weight ethylene-propylene liquid copolymer (OCP) that offers the following advantages. 

Due to CP-80's exceptionally viscous liquid properties, higher-viscosity lubricants can be formulated with reduced treatment rates. 

Formulations will experience superior low-temperature performance due to low treatment rates, allowing for higher levels of low-viscosity base oil. 

CP-80's shear stability can be proven by the sonic shear and Kurt Orbahn techniques comparing performance to conventional viscosity modifiers.


Lion Trilene® CP grades provide a range of benefits for industrial oil and lubricant formulators. Talk to a specialist today about which Trilene® grade works best for your application. 

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