Trilene® CP-80

High viscosity and low molecular weight Ethylene-Propylene (EPDM) liquid Copolymer for use in elastomers and lubricants.
Product Overview
Trilene® CP-80 is an Ethylene -Propylene
liquid Copolymer that is used as a plasticizer in rubber compounds. Unlike the Trilene® terpolymers, CP-80 does not crosslink with the resin but can still offer the benefit of a non-blooming plasticizer without degrading the mechanical properties of the compound. It is less viscous compared to the terpolymers and can be used in applications that need FDA approval. Trilene® CP-80 can also be used in lubricants as a thickener providing good shear properties and low temperature flexibility.
Product Specifications
Ethylene/Propylene: 41/59
Color: Pale Yellow
Specific Gravity: 0.86
Molecular Weight by GPC (Da): 23,000
Brookfield Viscosity (cP, RVT #7 at 60°: 500,000
Brookfield Viscosity (cP, RVT #7 at 100°: 76,000
Volatiles at 100ºC (212ºF): <0.5%
Primary Chemistry: Ethylene-Propylene Liquid Copolymer
Features & Benefits
Easier to process compared to the terpolymers
Non extractable
Maintains mechanical properties
FDA approved
Thermal and oxidative stability
Improved ageing properties
Problems Solved
Low viscosity of EPDM polymers and copolymers for use in coatings and lubricant formulations
FDA clearances for EPDM polymers and resins
Poor stability against oxidative and thermal degradation
Low aging properties and short lifespan of elastomeric films
Rubber compounding
High molecular weight elastomers
Thermoplastic elastomers
Rubber belts and hoses for Aerospace and Automotive
Building & Construction
Wire & Cable
Weather stripping
Conveyer belts