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AGSOY® Methyl Esters for Crop Protection

What is AGSOY® ME?

AGSOY® ME is a methyl ester solvent produced from 100% natural whole soybean oil. It is excellent for use as a carrier in herbicides, pesticides, adjuvants, and many other agriculture solutions.

Why AGSOY® or Soy Methyl Esters for Your Agriculture Products?

Improved drift control   Enhanced droplet size
Pure and emulsified AGSOY® solutions offer excellent adhesion to the plant parts, improving the drift resistance and effectiveness of adjuvants and crop protection spray products.  
AGSOY® forms a uniform droplet size for even distribution on the plant parts, rain fastness, and reduced drift in windy, rainy and, other weather conditions.
Extended contact time   Advanced penetration properties
Due to its viscosity, low VOC, and high flash point, AGSOY® provides extended contact time when used as a carrier or a solvent in adjuvants or crop protection solutions.  
Soy methyl esters are excellent for the penetration of waxy layers due to its high solvency. Its low VOC level enables extended contact time and increased efficiency.
Excellent environmental profile

Soy methyl esters are biodegradable with low to no VOC content. They are also listed by the EPA as inert ingredients for use in agriculture formulations. Soy methyl esters are also preferred in agriculture products as they are not listed in the FDA lists for hazardous air pollutants or ozone-depleting chemicals (ODC).

Therefore, AGSOY® is an ideal alternative to hazardous and high VOC solvents, including mineral spirits, D'limonene, and hydrocarbon solvents.
Highly compatible and easy to formulate   Safe to use chemistry

AGSOY® is highly compatible with surfactants and can be mixed with various solvents for cost and VOC reductions.
AGSOY® is non-toxic, non-irritable, less hazardous, and safer to use than hydrocarbon- and petroleum-based solvents.


Tank-Mix Oil Surfactant Blends:

Esterified seed oils are found to provide the same efficiency and benefits of mineral oils due to their improved lipophilic characteristics with the esterification process. Methylated soybean oils are one of the leading choices for their application advantages, supply stability, yearlong availability, and competitive  pricing compared to sunflower, cotton, and linseed oils.
High Penetration Crop Oil Concentrate   Crop Oil Concentrates
A mixture of AGSOY® or crop oil and surfactants at concentrations above 20% by volume.

This adjuvant formulation takes advantage of the oil and drift control properties of AGSOY® while utilizing a higher level of surfactants for increased surface tension and emulsification capacity.
Mixtures of 80 to 85% AGSOY® or seed oils with 15 to 20% surfactants by volume.

This formulation combines the penetration benefits of vegetable oils and the surfactants' reduced surface tension. It also helps with the solubilization of poor solubility active ingredients.
Crop Oil Tank-Mix

A mixture of 95 to 98% of AGSOY® with 1 to 2% surfactants by volume.

Traditionally, these types of adjuvants and tank-mixes are used with herbicide solutions, foliar insecticides, and other pest control products for the treatment of diseases by physical coverage.

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