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    Explore our extensive portfolio of specialty antioxidants and additives from from SI Group that holds the solution for your TPO formulating challenges.
ChemPoint - Product Articles

To meet today’s demanding applications, a broad class of roofing materials is now made from Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPO). Unlike historically used EPDM membranes, TPO products are typically light in color and can reflect heat away from the building, decreasing cooling costs in the summer.

TPO is heat-weldable so seams are stronger and longer lasting. Unlike PVC roofing, TPO is eco-friendly, fully recyclable. TPO membranes are a cost effective choice while exhibiting a high resistance to puncture, impact, and tearing.

ChemPoint - Product Articles

TPO membranes are not without their shortcomings. They have had significant challenges enduring the high heat and UV loads to which most roofs are exposed. This is why it's critical to incorporate a robust and proven stabilization package in your TPO formula.

Whether you are new to TPO or a seasoned veteran, the experts at ChemPoint and SI Group can help you with product suggestions to optimize your formula. Please see the table below to and give us a call to learn more.
    ALKANOX™ Phosphite AntioxidantsAntioxidantOrgano-phosphite antioxidant that exhibits excellent hydrolytic stability. Effectively reduces peroxide induced oxidative degredation during processing including at high temperatures.
    ANOX™ Binary Blend AntioxidantsAntioxidantSolid binary synergistic blends used to protect polymers during high temperature processing and long term aging. Non-Dusting Blends are compact, often customized, cost-effective antioxidant blends.
    ANOX™ Hindered Phenolic AntioxidantsAntioxidantProvides very low volatility and excellent resistance to extraction from polymer compounds. Particularly effective against degredation during long-term aging, but can also be an effective process stabilizer and exhibits good resistance to discoloration.
    LOWILITE™ Benzotriazole UV AbsorbersUV StabilizerBenzotriazole and Benzophenone UV Absorbers; ideal for UV resistance in a variety of polymer systems.
    LOWILITE™ Hindered Amine Light StabilizersUV StabilizerHindered Amine Light Stabilizers; Maximizes color yield in pigmented systems, improves resistance to acidic conditions, and does not migrate easily
    LOWINOX™ Hindered Phenolic Specialty AntioxidantsAntioxidantAntioxidants that provide low volatility and excellent resistance to extraction from polymer compounds, allowing exceptional processing and end-use stability.
    LOWINOX™ S-Bridged Phenolic Specialty AntioxidantsAntioxidantSulfur containing secondary stabilizers that are non-discoloring and non-staining.
    NAUGARD™ Metal DeactivatorsAntioxidantUnique antioxidant that includes metal deactivation. This product may be used where there is interference from metallic ions such as from residual polymer catalyst, inorganic pigments, or mineral filled polymers.
    NAUGARD™ Thioester Specialty AntioxidantsAntioxidantAuxiliary stabilizers used to promote long term ambient aging properties and allow for excellent color and processing.
    ULTRANOX™ Solid Phosphite AntioxidantsAntioxidantFeatures a higher phosphorus content than competitive phosphite antioxidants, offers high performance even at low loading levels for a more cost effective formula
    WESTON™ Liquid Phosphite Ester AntioxidantsAntioxidantParticularly useful as a secondary stabilizer in PVC
    WESTON™ Solid Phosphite AntioxidantsAntioxidantHigh-purity phosphite antioxidants that are effective heat, color, and viscosity stabilizers which provide additional synergies when paired with hindered phenols


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