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In a rapidly evolving industry where technology and manufacturing are advancing, how do you keep performance lubricants and fuels up to speed? Product development can be costly and time consuming at the best of times.  In today’s economy it is vital to maximize productivity and optimize spend, Afton and ChemPoint are here to help alleviate some of the headache.


Afton Chemical has 90+ years’ worth of experience delivering best in class technical support and testing assistance for customers in the lubricants and fuels industries.  Being an advocate is a key aspect to the Afton culture, they established an entire business segment dedicated to providing hand-in-hand troubleshooting and formulating expertise.

What is the Application Solutions Center? 

The Application Solutions Center or (ASC) partners directly with customers to walk through the entire formulating process.  They work to understand your desired product performance and identify relevant testing and data to highlight key values for your team.  The ASC is made up of not just technical chemistry experts but marketing professionals as well.  They are here to help distill down all the data and value props into targeted and strong messaging for your consumer market.

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