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Afton 101 - Technical Support & Testing

Passion For Solutions®

In a rapidly evolving industry where technology and manufacturing are advancing, how do you keep performance lubricants and fuels up to speed? Product development can be costly and time-consuming at the best of times. Afton and ChemPoint are here to help alleviate some of the headache.

Why Afton?

Afton Chemical has 90+ years’ worth of experience delivering best in class technical support and testing assistance for customers in the lubricants and fuels industries. Afton's mission is to use their market insights and formulation, technology and application expertise to help you develop and market products that reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, extend equipment life, improve operator satisfaction, and lower the total cost of ownership. Afton's Passion for Solutions® business model will help you improve the profitability of your business.

Commitment to Our Customers

Afton's #1 priority is helping you grow. They achieve this by providing clear and meaningful benefits and claims for their products, differentiated product solutions, new and improved technologies that address market and equipment changes, and leading edge technical support.

Commitment to Quality

Afton delivers products to you that perform as promised. All Afton manufacturing, R&D and Customer Technical Service (CTS) sites are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 and RC/ISO 14001 standards. Afton's global EHS3 (Environment, Health, Safety, Security & Stewardship) team ensures that all facilities and products are managed according to the principles of Responsible Care.

Commitment to Innovation

Afton is committed to helping you grow by providing innovative technology and world-class research. Technology leadership is a core value of Afton's business model. Afton invests around 7% of their annual revenue in research & development so they can continue to support your business and remain leaders in the industry.

What Is Afton's Customer Technical Service?

The Customer Technical Service (CTS) team works directly with you to walk through your entire formulating process. They aim to understand your desired product performance to properly identify relevant additive solutions and provide the neccessary data and testing support. The CTS team is made up of technical, experienced product experts. They also work closely with Afton's marketing professionals to assist you with your product claims. They are here to distill down all of the data and value propositions into targeted and strong messaging for your consumer market.

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