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    Flocculation and Chelation

    The coagulation and flocculation of contaminants from water is a critical step in not only waste water treatment but the treatment of water used for industrial purposes as well.    Lupasol® polyethyleneimines (PEI) can be used to broadly flocculate anionic contaminants from water such as zeolites, silicates, and proteins.  Lupasol®  can also form reversible complexes with divalent metal ions and is used in combination with ultrafiltration to remove heavy metals from water.

Common Water Treatment Applications

Waste Water Treatment

    ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles
    Waste water sludge needs to be dewatered prior to disposal.  By separating contaminants from water the volume of waste and the cost of disposal can be greatly reduced.  Lupasol® is an effective flocculant for common anionic contaminants like zeolites, silicates, and proteins.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

    ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles
    Water for cooling tower operations needs to be demineralized to prevent solids being left behind.  By decreasing blow down and increasing cycle of concentration cooling tower operations can remain more efficient and cost effective.  Lupasol® works well to flocculate minerals from feed and makeup water 

Boiler Feed Water Treatment

    ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles
    The removal of dissolved solids is critical for boiler water treatment.  The build up of  sludge can damage plumbing and reduce the energy efficiency of a boiler.  Lupasol®  is used to flocculate silica, proteins, and other contaminates from feed water to prevent the build up of deposits.

Heavy Metal Separation

Most industrial waste water streams contain heavy metals that will not naturally degrade over time.  These metals must be removed before the water can be discharged or reused.  Lupasol® can form a reversible complex with multivalent metal ions like Zn, Hg. and Pb.  These complexes can then be removed from the waste stream by ultrafiltration.  

Recommended Grades

Typically high molecular weight grades of Lupaol are recommended for flocculant and water treatment applications.  Lupasol® P ad Lupasol® SK are large PEI molecules and well suited as flocculants for water treatment.
    Grade Average Molar Mass (g/mol) Concentration Water Content Viscosity (cP) pH Charge Density (Cationic)
    Lupasol® P 750,000 50% 50% 25,000 13 17 meq/g
    Lupasol® SK 2,000,000 24% 76% 700 8 8 meq/g

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