Lupasol® P

Lupasol® P is a high molecular weight, branched polyethylenimine that is commonly used in water-based primers for packaging films, textiles, and metals.
Product Overview
Lupasol® P is an aqueous solution of a branched polyethylenimine with a very high cationic charge density. The high charge density of Lupasol® P makes it a highly effective adhesion promoter, flocculant, and dispersing agent. It is commercially available as a clear to slightly turbid, viscous liquid. Lupasol® P is infinitely soluble in water and can be easily diluted to working concentrations with water and most polar solvents. Due to the cationic nature of Lupasol® P it is recommended for use in nonionic and cationic formulations. Addition of Lupasol® P to anionic or highly acidic formulations can result in incompatibility.
Product Specifications
Average molar mass:
Viscosity @ 20°C: 25,000
Concentration: 50%
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylenimine
Features & Benefits
Miscible with water in all proportions
Flowable liquids
Ames negative
No detectable ethylenimine importunity
Form insoluble matrix to fix and immobilize enzymes
Three types of bonding: ionic, hydrogen and van der Waals Forces

Problems Solved
Water contaminated with highly charged anionic particles such as protein, zeolites, and silicates.

Poor adhesive strength of PVA, PVB, and styrene based adhesives.

Heavy metal contamination in waste water and industrial process water.
Lupasol® P is ideally suited for use in water-based primer formulations where it improves adhesion of coatings, inks, and adhesives.
Considerable improvement in adhesion of UV-curable coatings and paints can be obtained by using Lupasol® P as a primer.
In compatible systems, Lupasol® P can also be used as an adhesion promoting additive to improve adhesion to difficult substrates like paper, plastic, and metal.

In textile applications, cotton treated with Lupasol® P is much more receptive to inks and flame retardants.

Lupasol® P is commonly used in multi-layer film manufacturing to improve bonding between dissimilar materials like plastic films and metal foils.

In water treatment, Lupasol® P is very effective at chelating divalent heavy metals and making them easier to remove by ultrafiltration.
This chelation is reversible and the heavy metals can then be recovered by electrodeposition.