Stop Bio Growth with Bonderite®

    If you've worked in a machine shop or metal working facility, you've likely encountered the "Monday Morning" odors associated with bacteria or fungal growth in the coolant sump.  Not only are these smells unpleasant, the biological growth itself can clog systems and impede quality of production.  By using the Bonderite® L-MR series you can prevent this problem before it starts.

    Why Bonderite L-MR B?Benefit
    Higher LubricityImprove tool life and reduce overall operating and replacement costs 
    Excellent Bio ResistanceHelp avoid "Monday Morning" odors & eliminate the need for hazardous biocides
    Better Tramp Oil RejectionLeads to cleaner filtering & operating conditions
    Reduced Product ConsumptionReduce overall use and improve total operating cost

    Bonderite® Grade Semi-Synthetic Fluid TypeWater Hardness CapabilitySubstrate
    L-MR B-204Medium Oil Content100 - 300 ppmCast Iron 
    L-MR B-236Medium Oil Content 10-300 ppmCast Iron 
    L-MR B-400High Oil Content100 - 300 ppmAluminum 
    Cast Iron 
    L-MR B-415Medium Oil Content10-300 ppmAluminum 
    Cast Iron 

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