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Bonderite® - Bio Resistant Solutions

Stop Bio Growth with Bonderite®

If you've worked in a machine shop or metal working facility, you've likely encountered the "Monday Morning" odors associated with bacteria or fungal growth in the coolant sump.  Not only are these smells unpleasant, the biological growth itself can clog systems and impede quality of production.  By using the Bonderite® L-MR series you can prevent this problem before it starts.

BONDERITE® L-MR B is a line of semi-synthetic machining fluids formulated to provide exceptional bio-resistance and eliminate the need for hazardous biocides. Additionally, BONDERITE® L-MR B products provide high lubricity and corrosion protection to machining equipment, cutting tools, and machined parts. BONDERITE® L-MR B leaves machined tools and parts clean, and downstream cleaning steps can often be reduced or even eliminated. There are numerous benefits to switching to a BONDERITE® L-MR B cutting fluid. These include longer machine and tool life, cleaner machined parts, a safer working environment, and lower costs by improving efficiencies and reducing coolant consumption.

BONDERITE® L-MR B Cutting Fluids

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