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Improve Adhesive Strength with PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers

Dow’s PARALOID™ Impact Modifier portfolio includes toughening agents for structural adhesives that enhance mechanical properties and improve performance in the final product. They can be used in epoxy and methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesive systems to enhance the mechanical performance of formulations for structural and challenging applications and where lightweight is a requirement.
Dispersible Core-Shell Rubber (CSR) Additives
PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers are based on dispersible core-shell rubber (CSR) technology and provide a dispersed nano particle that acts as a toughener for thermoset resins. PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers with a dispersible core-shell contribute to exceptional mechanical properties without significantly raising the viscosity of the resin matrix compared to other toughening technologies used in structural adhesives.
These nano-sized particles are manufactured with a rubbery core and a compatibilizing shell and impart excellent ambient and cold-temperature impact strength with extended weathering resistance.  The particles are isolated in powder form to allow for ease of storage, transportation, handling, and dosing.

To achieve a seamless dispersion process, vital for formulation and performance, new designs in surface interaction and chemistry were employed, along with advanced isolation techniques. This can be seen illustrated in the dispersion triangle below:
Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are commonly used in demanding and high-performance applications, but their brittleness and rigidity can pose mechanical issues. To address this challenge, epoxy resin systems require the inclusion of a readily dispersible impact modifier additive like PARALOID™ TMS-2670J Impact Modifier. This versatile additive enhances toughness and durability while preserving the resin's heat resistance properties. With its chemical resistance, adhesion to difficult substrates, and electrical insulation properties, PARALOID™ TMS-2670J Impact Modifier effectively transforms epoxy resin systems, rectifying their brittle mechanical nature while retaining their desirable attributes.
PARALOID™ TMS-2670J Impact Modifier provides a dispersed rubber phase that enhances fracture strength and impact durability in epoxy-based thermosets. This MBS impact modifier provides measurable increases in epoxy's toughness compared to competitive products. Remarkably, PARALOID™ TMS-2670J Impact Modifier achieves significantly improved fracture toughness even at lower dosage levels, surpassing other impact modifiers by threefold.

Epoxy adhesive compositions also require reduced maintenance due to their weatherability and outstanding fatigue resistance.
PARALOID™ TMS-2670J improves adhesion strength when tested on various substrates, such as thermoplastics or metals as highlighted in the chart below.
PARALOID™ TMS-2670J contributes to better energy and productivity savings based on the time and temperature required for curing and dispersing. The chart below demonstrates enhanced mixing, curing, and productivity in epoxy formulations, as evidenced by improvements in glass transition temperature and viscosity.

Furthermore, the newest MBS Impact modifier grade, PARALOID™ TMS-2672 Impact Modifier, exhibits a slight increase in viscosity over a base epoxy resin and a considerable reduction in viscosity compared to traditional CSR additives.
  • Improves toughness in room- and extreme-temperature conditions 
  • Will not change the Tg of cured resins
  • Increases adhesion strength and elongation

PARALOID™ TMS-2672 Impact Modifier offers high-quality dispersion capabilities compared to a competitive CSR additive shown below.
MMA Adhesives 
Methyl methacrylate adhesives (MMA) are widely used in a variety of market applications such as marine, aerospace, automotive vehicles (buses and trucks), and alternative energy (wind turbines). MMA adhesives can cure rapidly and develop their full strength in room-temperature environments, and this fast reaction and cure give MMA its advantage in the adhesives market. They also bond to critical substrates such as thermoplastics, thermoset composites, and various metals.
PARALOID™ TMS-2672 Impact Modifier is a critical factor for optimal strength in MMA adhesive with an excellent dispersion rate. PARALOID™ TMS-2672 provides that key dispersion factor by delivering a lower viscosity for MMA thermoset adhesives.
    25% CSR Polymer Powder in MMA
    Grade Viscosity at 25 C, KCP
    PARALOID™ BTA-751U > 1000
    PARALOID™ TMS-2670J 250
    PARALOID™ TMS-2672 20

With many different adhesive systems on the market today, MMA and epoxy offer various benefits for automotive, marine, building and construction, and other demanding applications. Dow PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers improve adhesion to difficult substrates, such as metal, and increase fatigue performance. Talk to one of our technical specialists today to discuss which grade works best for your application.
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