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SilGrip™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesives


SilGrip™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are a line of high-performance silicone pressure sensitive adhesives and additives from Momentive™. These adhesives are designed to provide adhesion in extreme climates and harsh environments.  SilGrip™ PSA's adhere well to difficult to bond substrates and will remain bonded in low-temperatures and high-temperatures ranging from -175°F - 500°F.  The highly flexible and resistant silicon-oxygen backbone of these pressure sensitive adhesives is largely responsible for their unique properties. 


Each grade of SilGrip™ PSA is composed of a silicone gum and MQ resin. The type of silicone gum used in the PSA determines the temperature resistance of that silicone adhesive. The two types of silicone gum used in the production of SilGrip™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are methyl silicone (good up to 400°F) and phenyl silicone (good up to 500°F).  SilGrip™ PSA is available in a variety of grades ranging in physical properties like tack, shear strength, and adhesion.  The final physical properties of the PSA is dependent on the adhesive composition i.e. the ratio of MQ resin to silicone gum.  SilGrip™ grades with a higher resin content exhibit higher peel adhesion and shear properties with a low tack while SilGrip™ grades with a higher gum content exhibit increased tack but a decrease in peel adhesion and shear strength.


SilGrip™ adhesives can applied to substrates using typical coating techniques.  Once applied to the substrate, the solvent should be allowed to evaporate prior to additional adhesion steps.  If increased chemical and shear resistance is required SilGrip™ adhesives can be cross-linked with a peroxide catalyst prior to coating on the substrate.  Benzoyl peroxide is most commonly used for crosslinking the adhesive.  Once applied to the substrate and allowed to dry, the SilGrip™ pressure sensitive adhesive will exhibit a good degree of tack and can be bonded to the desired surface or covered with a protective film for later use.


SilGrip™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are intended for use in applications where a traditional acrylic or rubber based PSA would fail.  SilGrip™ PSA exhibits superior properties to acrylic and rubber based adhesives including resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, UV, and biological attack.  To learn more about a specific SilGrip™ pressure sensitive adhesive select one of the grades below or contact us to talk with one of our product experts.

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