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PMC Metallic Stearates


PMC Biogenix metallic stearates function as mold-release agents and acid scavengers, and add lubricity to plastic and rubber products. In pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, they act as binding agents and anti-caking additives for cosmetics. They can also be used to promote gellation and thickening of lubricants, greases, and personal care products. Applications include candles, waxes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps and detergents, paints, sandpaper, and lubricants for plastics and rubber. Many of these chemistries carry FDA certifications for food applications and food contact packaging.

Problems Solved

Flow issues and high friction in dry mix and high solid formulations
Staining and low water repellency in concrete and building materials
Molding residuals and difficulties releasing the molded parts from the mold
Rough surface finish and increased friction in the manufacturing of articles and sheets
Foaming and suspension issues of pigments and solids in concentrated or high solid formulations
Supply issues, including high cost, long lead time, and minimum order quantities

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