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    Producing Hand Sanitizer and Cleaners

    A good hand hygiene, including washing with soap and water, as well as using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, is a proven aid to prevent transmission of infectious agents. It is presented as one of the best control measures to prevent infectious disease transmission. 


The manufacturing of those hand sanitizers, soaps and detergents, requires a set of ingredients that once combined brings one of the best tools to combat not only bacterial growth, but as well as stopping virus spread to yourself or anybody else. This way we can control contamination of infectious disease outbreaks such as the COVID-19.  

It should not only clean but is also essential to fight viruses and infectious diseases. Therefore, the manufacturing of kitchen cleaners, bathroom & toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, hard surface cleaners etc., has an important role in diminishing possible further contaminations. 
Methocel™, Polyox™, Cellosize™ and Glycolic Acid™ support the creation of all those products as a primordial ingredient from its chemical composition, by thickening, binding, stabilizing, acting as a rheology modifier to providing a soft feel and enhancing stability to its final products. 
METHOCEL™ is a group of water-soluble/solvent soluble, cellulose ether polymers commonly known as thickeners, binders and rheology modifiers. Methocel™ grades are based on Methylcellulose (MC), which is only water soluble and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC), which is also water/solvent soluble. They are derived from natural cellulose sources. METHOCEL™ offers a comprehensive range of functionalities and properties that provides custom solutions to household and industrial applications. Specifically Methocel 311 grade has a unique property to thicken Isopropyl alcohol and Ethanol based hand sanitizers.

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) is a non-ionic, water-soluble polymers can thicken, suspend, bind, emulsify, form films, stabilize, disperse, retain water and provide protective colloid action. They are readily soluble in water and can be used to prepare solutions with a wide range of viscosities. They have outstanding tolerance for dissolved electrolytes.  
POLYOX™ Water Soluble Resins are widely used in cleaners and detergents to enhance stability and appearance over time. They serve as thickeners, binders, stabilizers, and protective colloids. It is vitally important that the end user of these cleaners and degreasers have the same visual and tactile experience every time they use the product so that their perception of the product’s performance is maintained. 
The smallest of alpha-hydroxy acids can be used in a wide variety of cleaning and industrial applications. It is biodegradable, provides excellent anti-microbial efficacy and offers low corrosivity and excellent metal chelating properties.


    ProductApplicationRecommended GradesBenefits
    Cleaners and Detergents Liquid
    Thicken aqueous cleaners, acts as an emollient. Film forming activity useful for water-soluble packaging of solid detergent products. 
    Hand Sanitizers

    Provides a soft feel and smooth application. Excellent binding properties.
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Provides a soft feel and reduce astringent sensation. 
    Hand Sanitizers and Detergent Liquids
    QP 100MH
    Acts as a rheology modifier and as an efficient thickener, imparting good body structure, a pseudoplastic rheology, and a smooth feel to products. At the same time, the nonionic structure offers good compatibility with surfactants and other formulations ingredients. 
    The solubility at elevated temperatures simplifies and speed up production techniques bettering an improved body, smoothness and sickness. 
    Hand Sanitizers, Cleaners and Detergents311 Industrial
    E4M Premium
    Methocel has a Wide range of viscosities (3 to 200,000 mPa.s in 2% solution), It Enables viscosity and rheology control of aqueous and solvent-based formulations, has a wide range of substitution levels and hydroxypropyl content that advance customization attributes and has excellent gelation properties that are reversible upon heating. 
    Moreover, the broad PH stability makes Methocel™ a preferred thickener for alkaline and acidic cleaners, it is a non-ionic polymer that provides high compatibility with typical surfactants in cleaners and detergents formulations. Methocel acts as a medium-strength surfactant and tolerates high salt levels.
    Industrial Cleaners70% Solution
    Glycolic acid has a low pKa, low molecular weight and its organic nature makes it the ideal choice for performance on mineral scales.  
    Also, it has a low corrosivity to household surfaces, it is easier to formulate and when blended with other organic and inorganic acids like citric acid and sulfamic acid, glycolic acid improves their cleaning and penetrating effectiveness. 
    Finally, it is readily biodegradable, has BPR status and has a very mild odor, which reduces the need for masking agents 
    Hand Sanitizers and SoapsGlypure™ Glycolic Acid 70
    Glypure™ Glycolic Acid 99
    Glypure™ penetrates the skin efficiently and stimulates cellular activity. Formulating with Glypure promotes the cycle of skin shedding (cellular turnover) and regrowth. It is biodegradable, odorless and can also be used in applications where the avoidance of water is necessary. 


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