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Fluorinert™ FC-40 container
Non-conductive thermal fluid for the complex electronics & semiconductor industries - nondestructive leak & thermal shock testing MIL Spec 883. Liquid phase (-57°C to 165°C)
Gett Drain Opener RTU container
Heavy-duty liquid drain opener that has been specifically formulated for the toughest clogs
Novec™ 7500 container
A nonflammable solvent for use in heat transfer applications. Ideal alternative to harmful common fluids used in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes.
Royco® 22MS container
Extreme High-load carrying synthetic (PAO) grease. Specification: MIL-G-81827.
UCON™ EPML483 container
Polyalkylene Glycol Metalworking Fluid Used for Extreme Pressure Cutting & Grinding Applications. (2000-3500 cSt @25°C)
Synthetic polyol ester based, Factory Mutual (FM) approved, fire resistant hydraulic fluid (ISO 68).
Krytox™ GPL577 Grease container
Krytox™ GPL577 Grease is formulated with a high-viscosity base oil and proprietary additives, which improve performance at low speeds and high loads.
UCON™ 50-HB-280-XY23 container
Water Soluble Butanol-Ethylene Oxide / Propylene Oxide Polymer-Based Fluid for Thermal Transfer in Open, Vented Systems. (56 cSt @100°F)
ANDEROL® 755 container
ISO Grade 150, synthetic diester-based compressor oil for process gas systems & equipment.
DOWTHERM™ SR-1 container
Fluorescent Pink, Inhibited Ethylene Glycol-based Heat Transfer Fluid for Applications between -60° and 250°F.
Krytox™ GPL216 Grease container
NLGI Grade 2, Black PFPE-Based Grease with PTFE Thickener and solid MOS2, for Extreme Pressure Applications (-33 to 500°F). Base Oil Viscosity 243 cSt @ 40°C.
Krytox™ GPL217 Grease container
NLGI Grade 2, Black PFPE-Based Grease with PTFE Thickener and solid MOS2, for Extreme Pressure Applications (-22 to 550°F). Base Oil Viscosity 450 cSt @ 40°C.
Never-Seez® Blue Moly - NBBT-8, NBBT-16, NSB-42 container
A Superior Lubricating, Anti-Seize Compound Formulated for Maximum Protection in Applications where Graphite, Lead and Copper are Prohibited. (Up to 1500°F)
Krytox™ AUT U14 container
50 cSt Fluorinated Oil for Long Term NVH Control in Automotive Lubrication Applications
UCON™ Hydraulic Fluid WS-34 container
ISO 32 polyalkylene glycol hydraulic fluid with exceptional anti-wear hydraulic fluid performance.
Krytox™ GPL215 Grease container
NLGI Grade 2, Black PFPE-Based Grease with PTFE Thickener and solid MOS2, for Extreme Pressure Applications (-33 to 400°F). Base Oil Viscosity 160 cSt @ 40°C.
UCON™ EPML577 container
Polyalkylene Glycol Metalworking Fluid Used For Extreme Pressure Cutting & Grinding Applications. (130-180 SUS @100°F)
Krytox™ TS4 Sealant Grease container
Krytox™ TS4 PFPE sealant provides the highest securing performance for water, air, steam, natural gas, reactive gases and liquids without the drawbacks of PTFE tapes or other comparable products.
Krytox™ XP-2C5 Grease container
Krytox™ XP-2C5 Grease features long life, high temperature stability, resistance to separation under centrifugal load. Krytox™ XP-2C5 Grease base oil has viscosity of 160 cSt.
Novec™ 7100 container
A clear, colorless and low-odor fluid intended to replace ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) and compounds with high global warming potential (GWP) in many applications.
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