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Non-Fluorinated Protection from Stains

Environmentally Friendly Stain Protection.

Zelan™ CA-72 is a durable water and stain repellent based on alkyl urethane chemistry for fabrics, textiles, nonwovens, and a variety of hard surfaces. Its alkyl urethane chemistry is sourced from nonfluorinated, plant-based materials. Thus, it is an environmentally friendly option to keep textiles, fabric, leather, and hard surfaces clean in industrial, professional, and consumer applications.

Why use Zelan?

For years, stain resistance and water repellency have been mainly achieved using fluoropolymers such as perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). However, in recent years, regulations on the use of fluoropolymers have tightened. Their precursors, such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), have been recognized by the EPA as biopersistant, carcinogenic, and highly toxic. 

Zelan™ CA72, on the other hand, is the newest, nonfluorinated water- and stain-repellent treatment from Chemours. Zelan™ CA72 offers all the stain and water-repellent properties of traditional fluorinated treatments and is manufactured using renewably sourced, nonfluorinated, plant-based material. Below is a stain test performed with untreated cotton and Zelan™ CA72. From these pictures, it is clear that Zelan™ CA72 provides a high degree of repellence to various household liquids and is extremely effective at preventing stains and keeping fabrics clean. 


Untreated Cotton

Cottton Treated with Zelan™ CA-72

Formulating with Zelan™ CA-72

It is recommended to dilute Zelan™ CA72 to 5%–15% working strength with water. For all applications utilizing Zelan™ CA72, a study should be conducted to determine the optimum concentration of Zelan™ CA72. Soft water (less than 50 ppm hardness) is recommended for diluting, and any dilution should be kept at a pH greater than 7. To prevent microbial contamination and growth, a biocide should be added to formulations containing Zelan™ CA72. For particularly dense substrates, adding one or more 2–5 wt% polar protic solvents, such as isopropyl alcohol or DOWANOL™ PnB glycol ether, can be added to improve performance. 

Zelan™ CA-72 Specifications


Zelan™ CA72, from Chemours, is a durable water and stain repellent made from renewable plant-based materials. It is based on alkyl urethane chemistry and does not contain fluoropolymers, making it an environmentally friendly and high-performing repellent. Zelan™ CA72 is ideal for repellent formulations to keep textiles, fabric, and hard surfaces clean from stains. With regulations on fluoropolymers tightening, using Zelan™ CA72 in your repellent formulation will allow you to achieve the same excellent water- and stain-repellent properties found in traditional fluorinated products and keep your products compliant with environmental and regulatory requirements. 

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