Non-Fluorinated Protection from Stains

Environmentally Friendly Stain Protection.

Zelan™ CA-72 is a durable water / stain repellent treatment for fabrics, textiles, nonwovens, and a variety of hard surfaces.  It is renewably sourced from non-fluorinated, plant based materials.  Zelan™ CA-72 is approved for use in industrial, professional, and consumer applications.

Why use Zelan?

For years stain resistance and water repellency have been commonly achieved by the use of fluoropolymers.  In recent years regulations have tightened for these types of polymers and their pre-cursors such as PFOA and PFOS  as perceived to be biopersistant, carcinogenic and highly toxic.  Zelan™ CA-72 is the newest, non-halogenated, water and stain repellent treatment from Chemours™.  Zelan™ CA-72 offers all of the stain and water repellent properties of traditional fluorinated treatments but it is manufactured using renewably sourced, non-fluorinated, plant based material. 


Untreated Cotton

Cottton Treated with Zelan™ CA-72

Formulating with Zelan™ CA-72

It is recommended to dilute Zelan™CA-72 to 5-15% working strength with water.  A ladder study should be conducted to determine the optimum concentration for your specific application.  A biocide should be added to formulations containing Zelan™ CA-72 to prevent microbial contamination and growth.  For particularly dense substrates the addition of 2-5 wt% polar protic solvent can improve performance. 

Zelan™ CA-72 Specifications

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