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    Quality Coatings Need the Right Preservative


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It can be challenging to select the right preservative package to protect your coating both in the can and in its dry film state. Preservatives and antimicrobial additives are used in water-based coating formulations to control the growth of microorganisms, prevent spoilage, and extend the lifetime of the finished product.

DuPont offers a wide range of broad-spectrum microbial control solutions. Use the guide below to help you determine which biocides may meet your needs, or reach out to our technical team for assistance.


Build Your In-Can Preservative Package

Use our selector guide to find the right preservative based on your specific formulation details, or review the preservative options below.

Step 1: Select your In-Can Preservative

    ProductActive IngredientFeatures & Benefits
    • End-use product pH 2-9
    • Broad-spectrum protection against bacterial and fungal microbes
    • Does not release or contain formaldehyde
    • Very low use rate
    • End-use product pH 2-12
    • Benzisothiazolinone bactericide
    • High thermal stability

Step 2: Consider a Co-Preservative or a Booster for Extended Protection

    ProductActive IngredientFeatures & Benefits
    • Quick-kill biocide for rapid decontamination
    • Excellent for process and raw material disinfection
    • Enhance in-can preservation
    • End-use product pH 2-9
    • Excellent protection against bacteria
    • Effective biocide against Pseudomonas species
    BIOBAN™ 200
    ROZONE™ 2000
    • End-use product pH 2-10
    • Excellent protection against fungi
    • Good protection against algae and bacteria
    • Ultra low leaching for long lasting protection
    • Non-yellowing (not based on iodine)

Step 3: Explore our Dual Active Biocides for Enhanced and Extended In-can Preservation

    ProductActive IngredientFeatures & Benefits
    • A combination biocide for cost-effective protection against bacteria and fungi
    • Combines quick-action and long-term preservation
    • Stability in a wide pH range
    ROCIMA™ 63
    OIT + BCM + Diuron
    • Dry-film preservative for exterior paints and coatings
    • Biocidal blend for excellent broad-spectrum protection against algae and fungi
    ROCIMA™ 607Bronopol + BIT
    • Blend for excellent broad-spectrum protection against bacteria and fungi, including Pseudomonas bacterial species
    • Stability at high pH ranges
    ROCIMA™ 586
    Bronopol + CMIT/MIT
    • Blend for excellent broad-spectrum protection against bacteria, including Pseudomonas species


Select Your Dry-Film Preservative

Use our selector guide to find the right preservative based on your specific formulation details or review the preservative options below.

Step 1: For Excellent Protection from Fungal Growth

    ProductActive IngredientFeatures & Benefits
    BIOBAN™ 200
    ROZONE™ 2000
    • Dry-film protection against fungi and algae
    • Boosts bacterial and fungal in-can protection over a wide pH range 2-10
    • Ultra-low leaching for long lasting protection
    • In-can and dry-film protection against fungi and mold in exterior coatings
    • Good stability at pH rang of 4-8
    • Synergistic with zinc oxide

Step 2: For Algae Antimicrobial Protection in Exterior Coatings

    ProductActive IngredientFeatures & Benefits
    ROCIMA™ 63
    OIT + BCM + Diuron
    • Blended product contains the algaecide diuron along with OIT and carbendazim fungicides
    • DCOIT active ingredient provides dry-film protection against fungi and algae
    • Ultra-low leaching DCOIT

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