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POLYBOND™ Coupling Agents


With virgin resin prices back on the rise, many companies are trying to manage their costs by incorporating a higher percentage of recycled resin in their finished products. Ultimately, the goal of any recycler is to create a product that does not need to be mixed with virgin resin to achieve the desired physical properties. Realizing these properties is not without challenges.

Different types of plastic tend to phase-separate during the melt process resulting in structural weakness in the finished material. Adding a coupling agent like POLYBOND™ can improve the quality of the resulting product in two ways: first by improving bonding at the phase boundaries, and second by better incorporating the various pigments and fillers present.

Whether you are new to coupling agents or a seasoned veteran, the experts at ChemPoint and SI Group can help you with product suggestions to optimize your formula. Please see the table below and give us a call to learn more.


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