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POLYBOND™ and Recycling of Polyolefins

The SI Group POLYBOND™ portfolio of coupling agent allows polyolefin-filled polymer compounds with reinforced physical properties and improved impact strength. With changes in consumer environmental expectations and increased virgin resin prices, costs and market trends require companies to consider incorporation recycled polyolefin resins. Processing difficulties and challenges with overall physical properties arise for any recycler when manufacturing without incorporating virgin resin.

POLYBOND™ coupling agent additives assists various polyolefin-reinforced composites containing wood fiber, glass fiber, cellulose fiber, or mineral-filled applications. During the melting process, plastic tends to phase-separate resulting in structural weakness in the finished material. Incorporating a coupling agent into your formulation can improve the quality of the resulting product in two ways: first by improving bonding at the phase boundaries, and second by better incorporating the pigments and fillers present.

Benefits of POLYBOND™ for Recycled Polyolefin Composites

  • Impact & Tensile Strength
  • Flexural Strength
  • Heat Deflection Temperature
  • Filler Dispersion
  • Improved Interfacial Adhesion

Explore the various SI Group coupling agent grades below that work best for your resin system and formulation. 



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