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    Chemours™ Glycolic Acid

    Glycolic acid from Chemours™, produced in Belle West Virginia, is the most consistent product available on the market today. Chemours™ has the highest standards and capability for product stewardship, supply, and quality. Competitive producers can only promise these things; Chemours™ has delivered on them.

U.S. Based Operations

  • The full range of glycolic acid products from Chemours™ is completely manufactured in the United States.

  • Chemours™ production is not dependent upon Chinese-sourced materials in any way.

  • Chemours™ production of glycolic acid products is flexible and has sufficient capacity to meet full market demands.


Reliable Supply

  • Competitive glycolic acid is made by multiple, and generally very small, companies with limited resources and experience. Most competitive technical grade glycolic acid, particularly that manufactured in China, is made from monochloroacetic acid (MCA).

  • The primary market for MCA is agricultural chemicals. In times of tight supply, MCA producers will likely supply their customers that give them the most volume—agricultural chemical producers—thus making the supply chain even more volatile.

  • Chemours™ has a proven track record on meeting and exceeding customer needs for product supply for over 80 years.


Reliable Quality

  • MCA route manufacturers use a batch process and have very limited personnel and analytical capability, making it difficult to ensure product quality and consistency. Although the initial load or two may be acceptable, there is so much variability as to almost guarantee that product consistency will not be maintained over time. 

  • Competitive producers also have hundreds of diverse MCA suppliers, whose product quality varies greatly—also directly impacting the glycolic acid quality.

  • Chemours™ operates a continuous process 24/7, producing consistent product day after day.

ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

Why Glycolic Acid from Chemours™?

    Chloride Free

    • No chloroacetic acid - chloride free
    • Safe & easy to handle
    • Over 300 times less corrosive to aluminum
    • Over 14 times less corrosive to copper and almost 30 times less corrosive to stainless steel
    • 16.8% less corrosive to carbon steel

    Supply Chain Sustainability

    • Broad industry perspective
    • Specialized market knowledge
    • Made in USA
    • Independent from Chinese tariffs
    • Independent from Indian duties
    • Short lead time through multiple stocking locations
    • Stable pricing and availability

    Industry Presence

    • Metal Finishing
    • Household, industrial & institutional
    • Oil & gas
    • Building & construction

    Robust R&D Support

    • Supplier partner Chemours™
    • Formulation assistance
    • ChemPoint in-house technical assistance
    • Expertise in wide range of applications and uses

    Safe and Effective

    • Does not fume like other acids
    • Dissolves carbonate, oxide, and most casein scales readily resulting in water soluble salts that allow for good rinsing properties

    ECO Responsibility

    • Readily biodegradable
    • Non-toxic & non-fuming
    • Negligible volatility (low VOC)

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