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Producer Solutions

The game has changed. We'll help you win.

Customer interaction expectations have changed. You need a partner that is already prepared to interact in this new world.

ChemPoint was founded in 1999 with that business model setup from the beginning. We honed our tech-oriented, digitally enhanced sales and marketing expertise over 20 years. If you need to access a combination of inside sales and digital marketing capabilities, turn to the experts.

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Digital Leadership

In the last few years, portions of the chemical industry have adopted digital as part of their buying process. We broke ground 20 years ago with an e-commerce platform. Now we execute on every demand creation channel available, capture leads and win new business from our digital platforms.


Our model allows us to be extremely agile; we respond to web chats in two minutes, website inquiries within two hours and have launched new producer's product lines in 3 weeks.

True Extension of producer Brand

Every single one of our product lines, large and small, has a product manager ensuring we have alignment on your strategy. As a dedicated partner, we've got the guts to deliver the hard news, including if we think your strategy needs tweaks in order to achieve your goals.

Constant CRM

CRM is everything to us; we started our CRM around the time SalesForce launched. We log thousands of interactions each day to provide rich data back to producers. If a seller isn't using our CRM every 5 minutes, we're not doing our job.

Innovation Focus

Many companies talk about innovation and hire a consultant to help. We have a dedicated team whose sole job is to drive change internally. When you're on the forefront of disruption, thinking different is part of your core.

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Plus the Basics


We never carry the same molecule for different producers. We're monogynous with our product lines.


We're in the second Silicon Valley, Seattle, WA. Innovation, execution and disruption is in our DNA.

Simplify Complexity

Like everyone, we take the complication of many customers and consolidate that down to larger shipments and less invoices for you.

Market Development

Not tied down by sales territories, we have a team of Market Developers that are dedicated to marketing growth.

Change Management

E-commerce, digital marketing, inside sales. We wrote the book on change in the chemical industry.

Agile Globally

Business is global. With sales to over 100 countries, so are we.

Data Capture

We collect data on customers including their industry, their applications, competitors and beyond.


To support change, we're a process company. In order to execute quickly, everything we do is built on process.


We are a growth company. While we follow your strategy, we are always looking to build.


What do we do with all that data? We provide it back to you, the producers. We even have an online portal called ChemPointConnect so you can view the data any time you want.

Market Command

We're a global player broken up by industry, giving market command for your products to leverage.


We utilize best in class forecasting software to provide you details on everything we expect your customers to purchase.

Customer Insights

Data is great, but insights are better. Our product manager team will identify trends and opportunities for you.

3PL - Non-Asset Supply Chain

Our 3PL asset light network allows us to pick the best in the industry and stay on the cutting edge of supply chain.


We stock finished products, ingredients and chemicals in over 30 warehouses world wide.

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