From medical, automobile and kid's toy applications, plastics is one of the most diverse end market industries. We carry additives and resins alike. Start with a broad filter below and then add further criteria to find what you’re looking for.

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Momentive Tospearl®

Tospearl® series resins can decrease the contact between film layers, preventing them from sticking ...

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SI Group Polybond

PB 3349 allows for high load rates of HFFR without sacrificing tensile strength, tensile modulus and...

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SI Group® ALKANOX™ 240 Phosphite Antioxidant

ALKANOX™ 240 phosphite is an organo-phosphite antioxidant that exhibits excellent hydrolytic stabili...

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Amidas Grasas PMC Kemamide®

La línea de amidas Kemamide® cuenta con una amplia selección de aditivos plásticos, aditivos de cauc...

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