When we’re talking Inks, we’re talking about components to building inks. The creativity that comes in using inks, starts with their building blocks. You’ll find a wide variety of components below that we carry for this $21.6 billion dollar industry.

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Find the best acrylic resin for your formulation. Now you can use the Elvacite® selector guide to he...

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DuPont Microbial Control Selector Guide

Check out our online selector guide to help you find the right microbial solution.

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Dianal Elvacite® for Ink Formulations

Elvacite® acrylic resins are superior quality binders which can be used across a wide variety of ink...

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Chemours Glycolic Acid in Inks

Glycolic Acid has unique features for inkjet inks, lithographic inks, and fountain solutions. The ke...

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