Reliable Supply: Chemours has a proven track record on meeting and exceeding customer needs for product supply.

Reliable Quality: Glypure™ glycolic acid is the most consistent product available on the market today. Chemours operates a continuous process 24/7, producing consistent product day after day in an ISO 9001:2000 certified plant.

Reliable Service: Chemours has a dedicated, professional staff of technical service representatives, formulating chemists, and analytical chemists to help our end users develop new products, answer technical questions and address any quality question.

Chemours has extremely high standards and capability for product stewardship, product supply, and product quality. The off-shore producers can only promise these things. Chemours can deliver on them.


To place your order, or to request a sample, contact our Glypure™ glycolic acid technical associates now to speak with someone about your immediate Glypure® glycolic acid needs.


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