Glypure™ in Skin Care from Chemours™

Glycolic acid is among the most popular actives in anti-aging formulations and has strong consumer recognition as an ingredient in many age-defying skin care products. Extensive clinical data show that when used as a skin care ingredient, Glypure™ cosmetic-grade glycolic acid from Chemours™ penetrates the skin effectively and stimulates cellular activity. It also can readjust the water percentage in the epidermis, allowing for smoother, softer and more radiant skin. What’s more, Glypure™ high-purity cosmetic-grade glycolic acid can enhance the performance in certain topical over-the-counter and prescription applications.

We offer a wide variety of starting point formulations using Glypure™ cosmetic-grade glycolic acid for skin care, hair care, nail care, and men’s personal care products. These formulations library covers a wide range of personal care products from face creams and revitalizing peels to shampoos, conditioners, razor bump treatments, and much more.


Glypure™ is available in different forms including neutralized and pure acid forms for easier incorporation in formulations and compatibility with a wider range of skin and hair care products. To meet evolving marketplace needs, we also regularly introduce new starting point formulations.


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