Addivant’s Morgantown, WV facility is the world’s largest phosphite production facility. Only Addivant and ChemPoint’s partnership can guarantee:

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Established Industry Presence

  • Served the market for over 50 years
  • Industry leading Product Quality

Reliable & Steady Supply

  • Manufactured in Morgantown, WV
  • Continuous production and better traceability
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes ensuring batch-to-batch consistency

Commitment to the Weston® Brand

  • Continuous investment in technology, manufacturing processes, production capacity and people

Continuous Innovation

  • Significant investments in research & development
  • Customized solutions
  • Strong pipeline of groundbreaking patented phosphite technologies (Weston® 705)

No MOQ constraints

  • Short Lead Times = Just-in-Time inventory
  • Lower working capital

Wide Breadth of Portfolio

  • Weston® DHOP
  • Weston® DPDP
  • Weston® DPP
  • Weston® PNPG
  • Weston® PDDP
  • Weston® TDP
  • Weston® PTP
  • Weston® TLP
  • Weston® TLTTP
  • Weston® EHDP
  • Weston® TPP
  • Weston® 439
  • Weston® TNPP
  • Weston® 705
  • See all grades...

Robust Technical Support

  • R&D labs in Morgantown, WVA and globally
  • Immediate PQI assistance
  • On-Site technical expertise for new projects

Safety & Sustainability

  • Strong track record of safety
  • Fully committed to Responsible Care®
  • Committed to global regulatory compliance (REACH®, etc)

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