Naugard® Thioester Antioxidants

Naugard® Thioester Antioxidants

Key Applications

polyolefin, synthetic rubber

Product Description

Naugard® Thioester Antioxidants are FDA-sanctioned auxiliary stabilizers used to promote long-term ambient aging properties and allow for excellent color and processing.


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Naugard® 412S Naugard® 412S is an excellent long-term heat stabilizer with low odor and plate-out. It is ideal for polyolefin and thermoplastic systems. It is available in pellet and powder form. SDS* TDS
Naugard® DLTDP Dilauryl thiodipropionate used as a FDA-sanctioned antioxidant in polyolefins, and as auxiliary stabilizers for PP, PE and synthetic rubbers to promote long term heat aging properties. SDS* TDS
Naugard® DSTDP Distearyl thiodipropionate is used as an FDA-sanctioned antioxidant in polyolefins and other polymeric systems. SDS* TDS