RoyalTuf® Impact Modifiers

RoyalTuf® Impact Modifiers

Key Applications

nylon, recycle updgrade; PBT

Product Description

RoyalTuf® Impact Modifiers are semi-crystalline EPDM, amorphous EPDM, EPDM and butylacrylate modifiers are ideal for improved impact resistance in nylon at low temperatures.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
RoyalTuf® 372P20 RoyalTuf® 372P20 improves impact properties of SAN, polycarbonate, and polyester/polycarbonate blends. SDS* TDS
RoyalTuf® 485 RoyalTuf® 485 is a maleic anhydride grafted EPDM used for increasing impact resistance of polyamides while providing excellent mechanical properties and color. SDS* TDS
RoyalTuf® 498 RoyalTuf® 498 a maleic anhydride grafted EPDM used for increasing low-temperature impact resistance of polyamides. It is ideal for recycled polyamide compounds. SDS* TDS
RoyalTuf® 498 WideSpec SDS* TDS*
RoyalTuf® 527 SDS TDS*