Epoxy Adhesives
Bostik, Inc.

Epoxy Adhesives

Key Applications

Construction; Electronics; Industrial Product Assembly; Repair

Product Description

Bostik epoxy adhesives are two-part, room-temperature curing adhesives designed to provide exceptional flexibility for many applications, including adhesion of various rubbers, plastics, woods, and metals. These unique formulas have been engineered with a range of properties to deliver the performance necessary to match your unique and demanding requirements for MRO applications.


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Bostik® 7500 Dispensing Gun SDS* TDS*
Bostik® 7500 Static Mixers The Bostik® 7500 series epoxy applicator gun is used to dispense the 2-oz., dual-barrel cartridges of epoxy for small product assembly, maintenance or repair operations. Used with a twist-on static mixer, the resin and hardener are mixed completely and dispensed accurately. SDS* TDS*
Bostik® 7538 Bostik® 7538-Green is a general purpose structural epoxy with high shear strength and strong adhesion to metals, woods, reinforced plastics, and masonry. The best choice for bonding parts which must withstand weather, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, 7538 will adhere with minimum surface preparation and has a low coefficient of expansion. Made in conformance to MIL-A-52194-A. SDS* TDS*
Bostik® 7575 Bostik® 7575-Clear is a fast and versatile epoxy for structural bonding of metals, phenolic plastics, polyesters, glass, FRP, hardboards, wood, ceramics, rubber, and masonry. Unlike conventional 5-minute epoxies, Bostik® 7575 is designed for structural bonding applications requiring a fast-setting epoxy with low shrinkage, good shock resistance, and excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It provides superior resistance to vapors, gases, water, galvanic action, petroleum fuels, and salt solutions. This unique formula also allows for exposure to moist or damp surfaces while bonding. 7575-Clear is an excellent choice for a variety of applications including potting, encapsulation, sealing electrical components, and for many quick repairs. SDS TDS*