UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Compressor Fluids

UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Compressor Fluids

Key Applications

Compressors in various industries (ex. Helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, ethylene, stack gases, landfill gas, fluorocarbon refrigerant, etc.) and types (Ex. Centrifugal, reciprocating, rotary-screw,sliding vane, etc.)

Product Description

Formulated for use in various types of compressors, these fluids offer excellent lubricity, high-temperature stability, resistance to sludge and varnish formulation, good additive response, and adaptable solubility.


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UCON™ PE-320 A high-performance synthetic lubricant made from a specially selected polyalkylene glycol-base stock polymer to provide exceptional lubricity and other performance features and is used as a lubricant for machinery for producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food. It has a viscosity of 303 cSt at 37.8 °C. SDS TDS*
UCON™ R-1 It is a water-soluble polyalkylene glycol lubricant specially formulated for use in high-pressure reciprocating compressors in natural gas service. It has a viscosity of 195 cSt @ 40 °C. SDS* TDS
UCON™ R-4 A PAG-based synthetic lubricant designed for superior cylinder lubrication of reciprocating hydrogen compressors commonly used in refinery processes. It has a viscosity of 400 cSt @ 38 °C SDS TDS
UCON™ RSC-155 A polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based synthetic lubricant designed for rotary screw compressors. It can also be used in reciprocating compressors. It has a viscosity of 135 cSt @ 40 °C SDS TDS