Bonderite General Purpose Lubricants

Bonderite General Purpose Lubricants

Key Applications

Lubricating Fluids and Greases


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
BONDERITE L-GP 154 Ready for Use and the spray version of the L-GP 154, this graphite dry film lubricant quickly air dries and adheres to must substrates SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP 154 RFU Graphite dry film lubricant that is able to vary in conductivity SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP 39SY20 (235 PENT) Lubricant used to check the alignment on matched gear sets in the automotive industry SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP 4275 Synthetic water-based rust preventative SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP 43343 Used in bakery chains and industrial wheel bearings, this product has low residue build-up and forms a protective dry film SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP 505 This low foaming corrosion inhibitor is durable for moderate-duty corrosion protection SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP G Graphite lubricant that offers high lubricity and is compatible with most substrates SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP M 210 Dry film coating that air dries in under ten minutes and is easily applied by standard spray, brush or dip method SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP OILDAG Contains extreme pressure and low friction graphite particles SDS TDS*
BONDERITE L-GP PRODAG Primarily used for casting release in permanent mold applications, but also used as a general purpose product. Helps to improve surface finish and has good mold protection SDS TDS*