Bonderite Specialty Functional Coatings

Bonderite Specialty Functional Coatings

Key Applications

Preventative coatings for industrial applications

Product Description

Bonderite Functional Coatings help to protect equipment, are high performing, and assist in creating operational efficiency to your manufacturing process. 


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
BONDERITE S-FN 309 Dry film coating that is fast drying and provides a low-friction coating SDS TDS*
BONDERITE S-FN 6767 Corrosion inhibitor for ferrous alloys SDS* TDS*
BONDERITE S-FN AWS 104 Applied prior to welding, this anti-weld spatter stays wet after application, and helps to reduce the deposit of weld spatter on the unpainted surface SDS TDS*
BONDERITE S-FN M 254 N Functional preventative coating that provides good corrosion resistance SDS TDS*