Kemamide Amides
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Kemamide Amides

Key Markets

Key Applications

slip agent; anti-block

Product Description

These fatty amines provide a range of plastic additives, wax additives and lubricants to various plastics applications.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
E Ultra, Bead High quality and performance grade. Has a very high erucide content and is triple-processed to remove taste and odor bodies. Also available in pellet and powder form. SDS* TDS*
EBS Physically similar to neutral waxes. EBS offers excellent surface properties. Typically used for gloss and printability in saturated polyesters (i.e. PET and PBT) SDS* TDS*
EZ, Bead Double distilled version of E Ultra Also available in pellet and powder form. SDS* TDS*
OR, Bead Oleamide which offers faster blooming in lower temperatures. Less expensive alternative to erucamides. Also available in powder form. SDS* TDS*
U, Pellet Contains low levels of polyunsaturates (i.e impurities). Heat stable oleamide. Also vailable in powder form SDS* TDS*
W-20, Prill Offers improved surface resistance to salt, heat moisture and most solvents. Available in prill form SDS* TDS*
W-40, Flake Fatty bisamide is stable and has a high-melt point compound. It's melting point (137 - 147degC) is significantly higher than that of other monoamides. Also available in prill and powder SDS* TDS*