Citroflex Citric Acid Esters
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Citroflex Citric Acid Esters

Key Applications

acrylic; methacrylic; ethylcellulose; hydroxymethyl cellulose; nitrocellulose; vinyl acetate; PVC; vinylpyrrolidone; vinylidene chloride; polyurethane

Product Description

Citroflex® Citric Acid Esters offer a broad range of benefits when used as plasticizers, solvent alternatives, lubricant additives and performance enhancers in aqueous and solvent-based polymer formulations. They are neither "Volatile Organic Compounds" (VOCs) nor "Hazardous Air Pollutants" (HAPs) and combine efficient plasticization of polymers with low toxicity, high flash points and rapid biodegradability.


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Citroflex® 2 Triethyl citrate, recommended as a plasticizer for cellulosic derivatives and natural resins. It also imparts grease resistance to polymer formulations, improved light-fastness to lacquer formulations, a fiaxtive for perfumes, plasticizing and film strengthening agent in hair sprays/nail polish, and active ingredient in deodorants. Does not support fungal growth SDS TDS
Citroflex® 4 Tributyl citrate, excellent plasticizer for both cellulosic and vinyl resins, plasticizer in polylactic acid as a biodegradble component, defoaming agent for proteinaceous solutions, does not support fungal growth SDS TDS
Citroflex® A-2 Acetyl triethyl citrate plasticizer for cellulosic resin derivatives that offers low warping characteristics, component for ink formulations, plasticizer for food wrap films, fixative for perfumes, plasticizer and film strengthening agent in hair sprays and nail polish SDS TDS
Citroflex® A-4 Acetyltri-n-butyl citrate, a widely used plasticizer in food contact polymer applications. It provides improvements over dibutyl phthalate in cellulose nitrate films and outstanding properties as a plasticizer in vinyl toys. It also provides excellent processing options, low toxicisty and improved adherence to metals, as well as low volatility and resistance to yellowing. SDS TDS