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Pationic® glycerol esters are food-grade polymer additives based on glycerol ester, lactate, and stearoyl lactylate chemistries. Specific grades are further classified into distilled monoglyceride, mono/diglyceride, glycerol tristearate, lactylate, and lactate salt categories, while exact grades are picked based upon the amount of mono content required. All products are also FDA-compliant. Pationic products are available in various physical forms for compatibility with polymer production requirements - they are compounded into the base resin to provide premier internal mold release and antistat effects. They also can be used as antifog for PVC, dispersant for color concentrates, and catalyst neutralizer for various polymers.

Problems Solved

FDA clearances for the use of glycerol esters in food contact materials and applications
Kosher and halal certifications of glycerol ester additives for food contact plastics
Agglomeration of EPS beads during processing
Difficulties releasing the foamed part from the molds
Long cooling times in the molding step
Poor appearance and durability of foamed products for use in insulation and packaging applications
Static charge and stickiness of plastic films and packaging materials
Long lead time and high MOQ of specialty glycerol esters

16 Products
Pationic®1083 container
Pationic® 1083 is a glycerol mono oleate product and has a 52% minimum alpha-monoester content
Pationic® 1240 Kosher container
Pationic® 1240 is a lactic acid with 19 - 20% calcium. It can be used as a catalyst residue neutralizer. This product is certified Kosher.
Pationic® 1530 container
Pationic® 1530 is a specialty glycerol ester containing Propylene Glycol with Propyl Gallate and Citric Acid and formulated to remain a liquid
Pationic® 919 container
Pationic® 919 is a glycerol tristearate (GTS) with 99-100% triglycerides. It can be used as an external lubricant or mold release. This product is certified Kosher.
Pationic® 1061 container
Pationic® 1061 is a 42% glycerol monooleate (GMO) with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid
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Corbion is the global polymer additive leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives, and glycerol esters.