Pationic® Lactic Acid Derivatives

Pationic® Lactic Acid Derivatives

Key Applications

color development; acid neutralizer; flow enhancer; lubricant

Product Description

This lactic acid derivative can provide corrosion resistance while minimizing color development (acid neutralizer). It can also enhance flow, provide lubrication, and is cost effective.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Pationic® 1240 Kosher Pationic® 1240 is a lactic acid with 19 - 20% calcium. It can be used as a catalyst residue neutralizer. This product is certified Kosher. SDS TDS
Pationic® 930 Pationic® 930 is a lactic acid derivative. It can be used as a general purpose acid acceptor. This product is certified Kosher. SDS TDS

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