Key Applications

Heat seal coating; Laminating adhesive; Food packaging; Pharmaceutical packaging; Sail & fabric; Shrink labels; Cable wrap

Product Description

ADCOTE™ are solvent- and water-based heat seal coatings and laminating adhesives used primarily for food and medical packaging applications. They have also shown usefulness in industrial and printing applications. Along with meeting many FDA requirements (depending on grade), other key benefits include strong bonds and laminations, fast cure capabilities, and the ability to bond to a variety of substrates.

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ADCOTE™ 76R44 container
ADCOTE™ 76R44 is a solvent based, two component, polyester laminating adhesive. It is used in applications that demand excellent optical clarity.
ADCOTE™ 545E container
ADCOTE™ 545E is a solvent based, two component polyester laminating adhesive. ADCOTE™ 545E contains ethyl acetate rather than MEK. It is used in industrial applications with high heat requirements.
ADCOTE™ 3840D container
ADCOTE™ 3840D is solution based polyester resin that can be used as a primer, heat seal adhesive, or binding resin. It is highly UV and temperature stable.
ADCOTE™ HS 36X101 container
ADCOTE™ HS 36X101 is a solvent based, vinyl acrylic heat seal coating. It is primarily used in the manufacture of blister packs for pharmaceuticals.
ADCOTE™ 33-216 container
ADCOTE™ 33-216 is a solvent based heat seal coating that forms peelable bonds. It is primarily used to seal solvent stable substrates for food packaging.
ADCOTE™ 577 container
ADCOTE™ 577 is a solvent based, polyester urethane component of a two component laminating adhesive system. It is typically used in food, medical and industrial packaging applications that require high bond strength.
ADCOTE™ 536B container
ADCOTE™ 536B is part B of a two component polyester urethane laminating adhesive system. It is used in combination with ADCOTE™ 536A for laminations utilizing slip modified films.
ADCOTE™ 122HV container
ADCOTE™ 122-HV is a solvent based, two component polyester adhesive used in flexible packaging and industrial applications to bond films and fabrics.
ADCOTE™ 89R3 container
ADCOTE™ 89R3 is a solvent based, single component polyester laminating adhesive. It is typically used to laminate film to glass.
ADCOTE™ 555 container
ADCOTE™ 555 is a component of a two part polyester urethane adhesive system. It should be used in combination with ADCOTE™ 536B. ADCOTE™ 555 has higher solids that ADCOTE™ 536A
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