Key Applications

Films, Foils, Paper

Product Description

These solvent-based urethane laminating adhesives are used in flexible packaging applications. They have the broadest FDA compliance and cover a wide range applications in the food and medical industries, offering superior heat and chemical resistance.

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LAMAL™ SN393C container
LAMAL™ SN393C is a single-component, moisture cure, polyester urethane laminating adhesive. It is used in the manufacturing of medical packaging.
LAMAL™ HSA container
LAMAL™ HSA is a polyether urethane that is used in a two component laminating adhesive system for the manufacture of flexible packaging.
LAMAL™ C container
LAMAL™ C is a coreactant recommended to be used with LAMAL™ HSA and LAMAL™ 408-40 as part of a two component laminating adhesive for flexible packaging.
LAMAL™ 408-40 container
LAMAL™ 408-40 is the urethane component of a two part laminating adhesive system for flexible packaging. It is unaffected by high humidity and temperature.
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