Key Applications

Paper, PP, Metal

Product Description

These solvent-free, waterborne, and polypropylene bonding adhesives are typically used for splicing paper to paper and providing excellent adhesion of polypropylene to metal substrates.


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MOR-AD™ M-119 Mor-Ad M-119 is a splicing adhesive that is recommended for splicing paper to paper. Use this adhesive for stationary splice, "flying splice", or rewind applications to eliminate hand operations, compared to those using pressure sensitive tape. This saves time, labor and material costs. SDS TDS
MOR-AD™ M-800 Mor-Ad M-800 is an epoxy polypropylene dispersion used to thermally laminate polypropylene and polypropylene copolymers to metal, glass and wood substrates. SDS* TDS*
MOR-AD™ M-805 Mor-Ad M-805 adhesive is a organosol-type modified polypropylene dispersion used to adhere metal substrates such as aluminum foil, steel or copper to themselves or polypropylene. SDS* TDS

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