Key Applications

Paper, PP, Metal

Product Description

These solvent-free, waterborne, and polypropylene bonding adhesives are typically used for splicing paper to paper and providing excellent adhesion of polypropylene to metal substrates.

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MOR-AD™ M-119 container
MOR-AD M-119 is a paper splicing adhesive that allows for more efficient splicing than pressure sensitive tapes used in printing operations.
MOR-AD™ M-805 container
MOR-AD™ M-805 is a polypropylene heat seal coating that is used for adhering metal foils like aluminum and copper to themselves or to polypropylene.
MOR-AD™ M-800 container
MOR-AD M-800 is an epoxy polypropylene heat seal coating that is used to laminate polypropylene and polypropylene copolymers to metal, glass and wood.
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